Hello Everyone!

Sorry for the late post. Today is the Daily Dump HUUUMP DAAAAY edition.

JessPhilopater wants to us all to say what we want to say!

lawlover NEVER scares herself with creepy TV shows when she is home alone.

Princess Fluffybutt’s hair is curly again!

MountainMomma is dealing with some teen girl drama (get ‘em girl!).

Ivriniel’s FiL isn’t an easy person to get along with.

KABarrick talks about plus-size bride hating assholes.

ElJay42 talks about being eloquent.

BlueJeans reminisces over her embarrassing Facebook photos from the past.

AdamAntoinette shares her story of familial obligations.

Pope Alexander talks about racism in Vancouver.

Penabler talks about the new way American teens are apparently getting fucked up (shampoo???... shampoo).

ravenzmane describes her experience dating a busy person.

HermioneStranger tells us how to react politely to your friend’s terrible engagement!

RemediosVaro describes the setup of the Gawker Media offices.

cheerful_exgirlfriend tells us a CRAZY roommate story.

MiracleWhips19 shares his sensitive side.

zap rowsdower talks about friendzone BS from FB peeps.

Can Rainbow Bright Eyes handle grad school? (Of course girl, you got this!)

Atticus_Grinch talks about their friend’s problems (Really good!).

Dweeze has opened my eyes to the lie that is the "double-stuffed" oreo.

FluterDale writes about the age-old battle of cat vs. dog (Dog wins. It’s my daily dump today!!).

ThereIsNoFluffy is happy GT is thriving (me too girl!).

We meet Locasta’s Kat.

NinjaCate shared a video of one guy’s epiphany on the “friendzone” and tells us that DANITY KANE might be getting back together (Making the Band 4EVER!).

alter_ego loves her Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

JustSmileandNod shared their thoughts on polyamory/non-monogamy.

OMG. The first time I pasted all this from word none of the hyperlinks showed up. MINOR HEART attack. Worked the second time though. WHEW. I need a drink...