I can safely say that I have spent a good 18 years or so in California, and I am SORRY but all RESTAURANT Mexican food in California had black olives on it. Whenever I am in California now, the craving for red chile is overwhelming by the third day and all Mexican restaurants shimmer before me, whispering "We have what you need, come in...." And I pick off all the black olives.

Perhaps I should have a shirt made that says "Chile deficient, please take me to your abuelita." Since right-minded Californians do NOT put black olives on their food at home.

P.S. Tecate is the perfect beer to drink on a hot day while you are leaning on the back of a pick up truck and shooting the shit. So there.


ETA: Jeebus people, we were talking smack about beer. I felt bad because people were getting offended for what I felt was not a big thing. I live in New Mexico and eat Mexican food at least every other day. I do not remember the many towns in California where I have eaten Mexican food. I have eaten Mexican food in many states, as well as throughout Mexico. I stand by my experience on the black olive thing, but I am sorry if I offended you and I believe you in your sincerity regarding the authenticity of your food.