Anyone ever have the feeling that they're the only sane person in a room (or world) full of lunatics? Sometimes it can be kind of charming, like when I was hanging out with my grandma and her friends and they all started talking about spirit photography. Other situations, like when your mom is insisting on using your eggs to get pregnant aren't nearly as cute. Prudie's unfortunate advice seeker is a college student that lives at home, and her mom and stepfather "won't take no for an answer." They have a bunch of dumb ideas about why adoption sucks, and it's like damn, how can you be so judgmental in one area while applying no judgment whatsoever to another? She can't get any support within the family, since even granny's a full participant in this bonkers pressure campaign. She's "calling me a 'home-wrecker,' saying that my mother and stepfather will get divorced if they're incapable of having a child." Is this real life? Does the obligation to provide the man with the baybay of his desires really just supersede all other loyalties?

Prudie's had questions before from young college students who have something rotten going on at home, and her advice is the same in this case. A guidance counselor at her university is the one who needs to hear the whole sorry story, because they're the ones who can help her through the (extremely necessary) process of disentangling herself from her parents' control. I don't disagree with that advice, though I was thinking that the real danger isn't in having her eggs harvested. IVF with donor eggs is a long, complicated process that costs a shit ton of money, so I'm worried that stepdad is going to have a brainstorm and decide that inseminating her directly is actually a much better idea. If that happens, I wouldn't have much faith or hope in support from her mom or grandma.


The next letter's from a lady whose husband won some dream job/once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity after a big league application process. She doesn't say what it is, but I'm just going to assume lighthouse keeper. She went along willingly and with both eyes open, but it's been a year now and she's Not Happy. Husband's in hog heaven keeping the lamp lit, but she's bored and unfulfilled, and those standoffish island folk are not being nice to her or their daughter. I got a kick out of this next line: "I feel like I have to choose between marital happiness and happiness in the other areas of my life, and I am beginning to worry that the rest of my life might just prove more important than my marriage." Very nicely put, but damn — if you're actually going to work out such a beautifully cruel little statement and then put it to paper, shit seems dunzo already.

Prudie says to stay married, and that getting divorced doesn't guarantee you happiness and personal fulfillment. As for myself, I just feel bad for the poor lighthouse keeper. Once they split up, his daughter'll definitely want to live with her mother back in the big city where she doesn't have to deal with Bianca and the rest those shitty island kids. Meanwhile, he's stuck there completely alone, listening to the waves crash against the rocks.

Next up is a case of male insecurity troubling a new relationship. The letter writer's dating a fellow attorney, but not only is she working at a much fancier law firm, she's already on track to make partner. He doesn't seem threatened by her success in the conventional sense, rather that he's suffering more from imposter syndrome. Like, at some point she'll suddenly realize that "Hey, I'm this amazing person, so why I am I wasting my time with some Joe Blow shithead?" Prudie says to take heart, that he's the shithead she wants to be with, and to never never ever mention that her being really good at her job makes him feel sad inside.


Finally, a father-in-law stands accused of inappropriate conduct for spelling the word "coitus" during a game of Scrabble played against a 14 year old girl. Prudie goes completely off the rails with her response, trying to use as many words with the letter X as possible. X-rated, get it? Hahahahahah. Anyway, she makes the point that if this kid's really some Scrabble prodigy, whupping everybody left and right, then all's fair in love and war, even a word that's (teehee) sex-related because so one gives a shit about what any of the words actually mean in a serious game.