I have credit card debt from when I was less employed than I am now. (Not that I’m full-time now but it’s better than it was.) I get those seemingly official envelopes in the mail all the time telling me I can consolidate my debt no problem if I will just call them before time runs out. But I feel like the ones who mail crap like that out are probably not entirely reputable (why do people always put time limits on stuff and make it sound like a car ad?). I don’t know where to find reputable debt consolidators, if such a thing exists. I also don’t know if consolidating debt would mess up my credit rating, which is very good, so I’d like not to screw it up. And of course, I’m not even sure I want to consolidate since it feels irresponsible in a weird way. Like somehow negotiating a lower payment plan is cheating. I don’t know. I realize that makes no sense.

I am not in arrears and can make the current payments so it isn’t like I HAVE to do this, but I also would like to not be so anxious about it. Maybe balance transfers would be better although who knows.

I feel like there is a huge pitfall I can’t see just waiting for me to step in it if I do anything about my debt situation.


Feel free to add your own debt questions and solutions! I count myself lucky that I have paid off my student loans (advantages to being old) so at least I don’t have to deal with that crap.