I feel like the law firm I work at sometimes makes up rules arbitrarily as they go along.

I called in sick 1 time during my probationary period and that got my probationary period extended by a month. A policy that didn't officially take place until June 13, 2014 and my sick day was in May!

I didn't think that was fair but whatever. I put in a time off request for two days in August yesterday. According to my paychecks I had accrued about 7 hours and I calculated I would have at least 16 hours for my trip in August.


The hr lady (who everyone has issues with) calls me today and let's me know that my paychecks were wrong and that per our last conversation my PTO wouldn't start accruing until July, when my probationary period would be officially over. Then she says if I take time off without having PTO, my probationary period would start again. Even though it ended last week...wtf??

She submitted my request to the partner but it of course got denied (she wrote "0 PTO" on the bottom).


I was really looking forward to that time off since I was planning on a trip and I was counting on that time off since it was on my pay stubs. I'm tempted to talk to the other partner who is in charge of my department and is much more understanding. Or just play by their ridiculous rules until I find another job.