I haven't seen anything about it on any Gawker sites today, but today is Transgender Day of Remembrance.

The mainstream feminist movement has, in large part, abjectly failed the trans* community, as has the LGBT movement (which has often been more about LG than B or T or Q or I or anything that's not attractive white couples).

When you look at any of the galleries of trans* people killed in the last year, and there are plenty of them, you'll notice that the vast majority of those murdered are trans women, and trans women of color at that. Trans issues ARE feminist issues, and they're not treated as such in many spaces that purport to be safe.

If it sounds like I'm mad, it's because I am. We shouldn't have to mourn the thousands of trans* people murdered every year, in this country and around the world, simply because they exist without apology. Trans* people shouldn't feel unsafe in feminist circles, and trans* people of color shouldn't have to shroud their anger in language that will protect the delicate sensibilities of white feminists.

Hundreds more names will be read at memorials across the country (find one near you here), added to the list of thousands more that have been attacked, beaten, murdered, while many who would call them pro-woman perpetuate their marginalization.

We should all be angry.

(From top: Ashley Sinclair, Kelly Young, Domonique Newburn, Islan Nettles, CeCe Dove, Eyricka Morgan, Evon Young, Artegus Madden, Diamond Williams, Melony Smith, Milan Boudreaux, Amari Hill - via The Advocate)