I have a problem that it appears no one else on the googleable internet has ever had, so I’m sure only GT can solve it for me. :) Last month I purchased a lovely, cheap Bjursta table from IKEA. It’s a nice light birch color, extends up to 10 seats, and I matched it with these lovely, comfy Henriksdal chairs in pale pink upholstery with birch legs. I only have two chairs so far because chairs are pricey, so I could conceivably buy different chairs and put the ones I have at the head and foot.

The problems are twofold.

1. I feel like the chairs are too high (18") for the table (29"). I feel like I have to lean forward too far when I’m eating or working at the table. I tend to sit on my foot and lean forward. The internet tells me this is standard chair and table height and I’m nuts.


2. Everyone else who’s sat at my table (3 people) tell me that the apron of the table is too low at 25" and they don’t have room for their thighs. I find this bizarre because I am not exactly slender, and I have room - not tons and tons of it, but enough.

(The apron hides the extensions and the legs connect to it, so removing the apron isn’t an option.)

So GT, what should I do? Every time I sit at the table my back aches. I can’t find upholstered chairs that are lower than 18"; if I get wooden ones, they tend to be about 17 1/2 but presumably I’ll want a chair pad that will then bring it to 18". And I can’t find table risers of the right height that match or even go with the light birch wood. I don’t have access to a wood shop to make my own. IKEA does accept returns, but I really like this table and the light color, and all IKEA tables are the same height and I can’t afford a non-IKEA table anyway.


Short of custom made risers (how much do you think that would cost?) or sticking books under the legs (my current solution), any ideas on what to do? Suggestions for new chairs or tables? Does anyone else have a Bjursta table? It seems like a super popular table so I am surprised no one else has reported this problem to the internet.

Thanks for your help, GT!