I know this is a weird post for a Saturday night, feel free to ignore. But I AM FED UP WITH MY FUCKING CUPBOARD. AND IT'S STUPID PARTICLE BOARD STRIPPED HOLES.

I have a cupboard. A stupid cupboard, made of stupid cheap material, and EVERY HOLE that the hinge screws go into is stripped. It fell right off a few days ago and we have been just leaning it, but that's where our garbage and cleaning supplies are, and I'm worried my kitty's going to go for a romp and eat an SOS pad or something.


The internet tells me there are ways to fix stripped holes. Yay! Except they aren't working!! Cause the screws I have aren't pointy, they're blunt, so if you fill up the hole and try to screw a new one, it doesn't work. And the screws are permanently part of the hinge, which is permanently part of the door. Thank god I didn't try to fill it with glue or something.

So I have four empty stripped screw holes, and four blunt screws that need to GET A DAMN GRIP.

Is there any solution here? Any handy people have advice? Or should I just burn the damn place down and have an angry kitten picture party? That sounds kind of like an okay option.


(Photos in response to bb5555 down there - Kinja editor won't let me upload here!)