My ex (not that one, but the one before him) wants me back. He wants to move here, have babies, and all that shit. I've let him visit a couple of times. We've been on and off for a couple of years and I've written about him and the havoc he's caused on these blogs.

I told him it would take at least six months, if not more, to take initiative and work like fuck to prove himself if he were ever to be considered as a contender again. My sister (older/wiser) is convinced this can actually happen and that moving might work out (as I am not a cohabit-before-rings person, he would have his own house in this crazy hypothetical). My brother hates my ex with a passion, having never met him and fallen prey to his accent. He's only cleaned up messes that the ex has left behind.

It is hard to tell the only ex you have a friendship with to fuck off, and I am nowhere near considering his crazy "plan" to move cities and be with me, but I am happy in this nebulous visiting-sometimes place we've ended up.


Who's gotten back with an ex and it worked? I'm still going to see other people if it pops up (met a cute guy last week at job training, holla) though I am not a deliberate looker. What I want to know if is I should reject my ex right now and put a stop to it.

Pros: He is funny, charming, his parents are great, my mom, sister and BIL love him, he reads books, and he's affectionate.

Cons: The back and forth of the past and...he could take better care of himself. And drink less.

I know the answer, don't I.