Spoilers for season 2 of Netflix’s Love

I generally really like this show, but I’m finding myself a bit upset by the last episode of season 2. I was genuinely scared watching Justin stalk Mickey. When he showed up at Gus’s apartment I was sure there was going to be violence, even though it’s not usually that kind of a show. The night before when Mickey broke up with him while he was cooking, I flinched when he called her a whore and was afraid there was going to be violence then. (I realize this may say more about my life experience than about the show.) So when he sent her the series of texts early in the morning, showed up at her house, tricked her roommate (I was afraid he was going to hurt the roommate too, not just trick her), stalked Mickey to the lake and farmer’s market, then stalked her back to Gus’s apartment and got her alone, it seemed like it was building up to something awful. But then she just closed the door and locked herself in alone with him like she hadn’t been running away from him in fear all morning (which, I do understand why she let him in) and then the whole situation was easily defused, he snuck out quietly, and Mickey and Gus had a happy ending. WTF? I think every woman alive watching that episode knows that’s not how this ends.

I feel like the show gaslighted me. It made me feel genuine fear for a character I really like and then acted like nothing happened. Anyone else bothered by this episode?


Feel free to treat this as an open thread, except if anyone posts spoilers for the Americans season 5, so help me God, I will... be very perturbed.