So I previously posted about how I was applying for a rescue dog, and kinda freaking out about the process and irritated about unwanted advice. The rescue’s groups process was a bit slow and redundant, but I got approved and matched with the doggy I hoped for! She actually had several applications in but they thought I’d be the best fit for her :)

Woo-hoo! I’m going to be a dog-mom again!


And I realize I never shard the most ridiculous unsolicted advice last time... someone who works with rescues told me that I shouldn’t worry too much about looking for a cat-friendly dog, because most dogs are just fine with kitties as long as they’re introduced to the “right” way. And then told me that I should look for a pit bull, because pitties are THE BEST with cats!

Umm I don’t want to be discriminatory against pits in particular, and some are very sweet and great with cats... but others have a strong prey drive, and I’m not willing to risky my kitty with that sort of experiment.

But all is well, because my soon-to-be doggy is FANTASTIC with feline friends. If all works out, she should be coming home next week!