I'm going away for Easter weekend, and am leaving NightDog with friends who recently had a baby. The friends have dog-sat before, pre-child, and NightDog gets along well with their own dog. Hell, NightDog gets along well with everyone! He's a big, slobbery, exuberant goofball, who has never exhibited any signs of aggression or fear. But for some reason, I'm getting really anxious about having him around a baby!

NightDog has genuinely never given me any reason to be concerned about his behaviour (seriously, he is pushing 90lbs and one time he got beat up by a geriatric pug with hip dysplasia. He's a wuss). But babies are just so tiny and fragile! What if her hurts her accidentally? Or what if babies turn out to be his one hated thing? Is there anything I should be doing to ensure things go smoothly?

We're obviously going to be there to introduce dog to baby, and have let the sitters know that he hasn't interacted with an infant before. Can I do anything else to make sure everyone ends up happy and healthy at the end of the weekend?

Here's a picture of the nugget looking uncharacteristically noble, as a reward for your assistance!