We had a lot on our plates this week, Squirrelfriends. We got not one, but TWO episodes of Drag Race, complete with their own respective installments of Untucked, which came out to, what? Like, 3 to 4 hours of reality tv-watchin'? That's a LOT of tv, yo.


And after all that, we only bid adieu to one queen: Ms. Laganja Estranja, she of the death drops, bang curl, and macrame head pieces.

When the competition started, I really wanted to like her. She had a lot going for her: she is the drag daughter of one of the most ridonkulous queens in Drag Race his(her?)story, Ms. Alyssa Edwards, her style is fierce (whacky, abstract, avant garde all at the same time), her moves are killer, and she seemed like a bright, bubbly, fun personality.

Unfortunately, as the show went on, she was revealed to be a spoiled, passive aggressive bully who made herself out to be the victim whenever she felt intimidated by the other queens and their skills. Plus, her schtick was really starting to get on my last nerve, "mama," and from the looks of things, the other queens *and* the judges agreed with me.

Still...I kinda feel bad for the kid. "Kid" being the operative word here. Laganja's just 24 years old. Which means there's a strong possibility that Laganja's antics are a product of inexperience and immaturity. I'm not that much older than Laganja (SHUT UP, MOM, I AM NOT***), but I know I did a lot of stupid shit at her age. At that age, I too held a sense of entitlement because I could get away with a lot of things by milking my being young and cute, and because I didn't know any better.

I also get the sense that Laganja may have had the privilege of having been handed everything she's ever wanted, and speaking as someone who was in that position at a certain point in her life (I'm the youngest child and even though we didn't have much growing up, I was still spoiled rotten), "The World Doesn't Owe You a Goddamn Thing" is an incredibly hard lesson to learn when you're used to getting everything you want. It's an important lesson, and it bears learning, but it's hard. (Just sayin', no need for the small violins. I get how those last sentences sound.)

Which is why I wish Laganja had listened to Ms. Bianca del Rio, this season's answer to Mother Chad Michaels. That bitch is so spot on with her critiques and her tough love, and the queens who've allowed themselves to be taken under her wing have really benefitted. Trinity's *finally* come out from under her Eeyore cloud thanks to Ms. Bianca, and look at how much nicer Adore looks with her cinched waist. I'm calling it now: if she doesn't win the competition (and she has a huge shot cuz she's top 3 material as far as I'm concerned), she's gonna be this season's Miss Congeniality. Just you wait and see.

***ETA: My mother is very fond of looking me up and down and saying, "Ya estas vieja ("You're old now")."