No, not the GT kind.

Sometime in the middle of the afternoon yesterday, we became aware that Gozer was missing. Dunwich and Pickman are siblings, and can usually found near us or on us or at least next to each other. Gozer came a couple of weeks later. She's a little more standoff-ish, so her sneaking off to sleep alone for hours isn't unusual. But after scouring the apartment, it became obvious that she was gone-gone. There were only two options we could think of — she slipped out when my husband came home from work, or a hawk got her.

We have the top portion of a house and our outside space is actually a sizeable roof-patio. The kittens like to lay out there in the sun. When they were really small, we'd only let them out if they were with us because there are tons of hawks here. But they're bigger now and they roam outside freely. After multiple trips around the neighborhood, shaking food and calling for her over a period of several hours — which I'm sure did not do anything for my reputation as the weird American lady — I basically collapsed into a sodden mess of tears and snot.


I haven't really talked much about the move here. I've mentioned it occasionally, when something big has happened, but I think anyone who had made a big move knows that it's an emotionally trying experience. Since last summer, I've had to put down two of my dogs, give my third dog to my mother's care, give up a cat, and lose the neighborhood stray I'd been caring for since it's family abandoned it. I sold almost everything I owned, rented out my beloved house, left my job of 8 years (though I work part time, remotely), and picked up and moved across the world. I don't really know anyone here and making connections has been.. odd and sporadic. I have to be incredibly careful who I speak to and who I give my contact info too, and most people I can't even tell I'm American. There are many days when you can't even leave your house because of unrest or violence in the city.

So, until the kittens showed up it was just me, and after that, most days it's me and the kittens. Sure, I have a lot of distance friends that I talk to — and that's awesome and great — but in terms of physical interaction, its sort of me baby talking the kittens as they follow me around the apartment. So the idea that one of them had been lost or, god, fucking eaten, just destroyed me. I've done animal rescue work for 20 some years, and there are some animals you get to too late to save, but rescuing these three adorable idiots made me feel like I was doing some good in a cultural situation that doesn't really have an organized animal welfare program.

This morning, my husband woke me up excitedly to say he'd found Gozer. We're not entirely sure what had happened, but it appears that she fell off the terrace a couple of stories and ended up on a ledge area above the first floor. We don't know why she didn't respond to us calling for her all yesterday afternoon and night — I passed feet away from where she was multiple times — but this morning she was crying at us and trying to climb the wall. While my husband looked for the downstairs neighbor to let him in to get her, this massive black tom cat scaled the fence and started stalking her. He was not deterred by me throwing pebbles at him from three stories up. I ended up throwing on a bra and running downstairs because, well, to be frank, a lot of the toms kill kittens around here.


By the time I made it down, the black cat was gone, the neighbor's driver was scaling the wall, and the street cleaning crew — none of whom spoke English but had seen me hanging over my roof so had come to see what was going on — was scaling the other side of the fence so that Gozer could be grabbed and passed on to me. In thanks, she clawed my nose so hard it bled for a while.

But she's here! The vet couldn't find any injuries from her fall but for some scratches and a lot of dirt, so she's fine. And I'm no longer crying and freaking out. I'm not even sure why I'm writing this whole dramatic thing up, to admit I lost my shit over my missing kitten, except that I don't much talk about my personal life here, and sometimes I think I should be a little more of a share-er.

I happened to get a lot of notifications and emails from various GT'ers last night/early this morning, so I know I owe some people responses. I probably won't get to them until (my) tomorrow, but I did see them and will respond.

In closing, here is a picture of Gozer and Dunwich being adorable: