Some of you may remember that I'm making a dress for a wedding I'll be going to this summer. I sewed together a muslin that isn't made out of muslin from my Vogue pattern V1353 (it took forever for this to come, it's torture to have everything else and have to wait and wait and wait for the pattern!)...

...and it came together really easily and already fits pretty well right out of the envelope. Well, almost right out of the envelope: my bust, waist, and hip measurements are three different sizes according to Vogue (12-10-14) and there's too much wearing ease added to the patterns, so I chose a size down from my "correct" size according to my bust measurement and tapered the bodice and skirt pieces down a size at the waist. I didn't taper out at the hips because the full skirt of the pattern allows enough room. I ended up cutting out the pattern along sizes 10-8-10. So, here it is out of the envelope, with those adjustments:

I made it out of a very green sheet.

Side view:

Check out my crazy over the back selfie skills:

The pattern calls for the pleats to all go in the same direction, but I noticed that the side view looks better with the pleats going toward the side seam, so I'm doing that. I need to add an extra pleat at the front and back to balance that change and I want to add an extra pleat on the front skirt at the side seams to hide the pockets I'm putting in that are for some reason omitted from the pattern. There's no point in even making it without pockets. An oversight, I'm sure.


For any sewers, this is a great pattern. I highly recommend it. It came together really easily and the way the pleats are sewn down at the top of the skirt is very smooth and flattering on the lower abdomen. The pleats add heft to the fabric without adding bulk, so it's kind of like Spanx without the torture. I'm really liking the way this is turning out, now the next step is fitting! Stay tuned!