I just had someone forward me this video of Drew Barrymore slinging her wines that she makes herself after it was shared in a winemaker/winery owner forum...

My favorite comment from the forum:

My fingers are so tired from peeling all the skins off those grapes. You’d think there would be a better way! Maybe I should talk to an oh-no-file about it.

Important note: nobody peels grapes made for wine—that’s insane! Red grapes are sorted, destemmed, and macerated; and can either stay with the skins for awhile (to make rosé) or a long time (to make red wine). There are also other ways to make rosé.


Anyways, to get back to the joke, what this makes painfully obvious is that someone explained how to make rosé to Drew once and then she never actually witnessed the process or even got clarification on it, which would be fine except here she is, introducing herself as a winemaker.

Maybe I’m an actress. Who knows! I leave you with a pic of the post itself, a thing of beauty: