I have severe driving anxiety. I was once a fearless driver. But since about last year, I've had issues with even getting in a car. Made some big leaps, but today looks like a hurdle. I've posted about it before, and I've been having bad dreams/panic attacks about this for a few days. Added gifs, feel free to add yours!

Long story short, I have an appointment about 10 miles away from me. It's something I've been looking forward to all week-I may post a driving/what the appointment is later-and it sounds like no big deal. 10 miles. But the thing is, that even with GPS, I get lost. I also get antsy on freeways, exits/getting on freeways, and parallel parking. Basically, every aspect of driving.


My stomach is doing backflips. It's not even for four hours, and I'll be leaving early. I can't be late-but, you know, being too early sucks. Kinda rambling now, but I have to get it all out.

Anything GT can offer would help me greatly. I can come to y'all with anything.