I am getting so sick of the pseudo-science BS about all the purported toxins in your body. All-juice cleanses clear "toxins" from your bowels. Oil-pulling removes "toxins" from your mouth. Yoga removes "toxins" from your body. Not wearing a bra prevents "toxins" from building up in your boobs. Various diet are recommended to reduce your consumption of "toxins." And all of these things seem to be shared on facebook from otherwise reasonable, well-educated people. WHY?

You know what a toxin in? Rat poison. Snake venom. Mercury. Lead. THINGS THAT ARE ACTUALLY GENUINELY POISONOUS. ie, could severely endanger your life and/or kill you. Stuff that is normally in your body (like bacteria and lactic acid) etc. are not toxins. Neither is gluten, or sugar, or MSG. Things can bad for you/cause health problems without being toxins!

This should not be rocket science, right?