So shit is fucked. I can’t do much outside my own backyard, but today was a good day. I employ a combo of employees and contractors. I don’t have much input into how much the contractors make. I have a max bill rate, but their salary is not clear to me (I’m not sure how much of cut their employer takes). I don’t like the system, but it is what is. One of them came to me because she wanted a raise and her employer/vendor wouldn’t do it. Upon investigation, her employer made a very low bid during the hiring process and I didn’t realize it (I don’t handle the negotiations with vendors). She was paid way less than people less awesome than her. Because she is awesome, and lots of others who aren’t awesome make way more money, I authorized a raise. In the grand scheme of my company’s budget, it’s pocket change.

I made sure that my company increased our bill rate and all the money went to her. Basically, she got a 25% raise. She was getting screwed before, but at least I fixed it.