Last night I dreamt that my boyfriend and I were at a music festival and he repeatedly abandoned me and generally treated me like shit. This makes sense - we are going to a music festival soon and I have pretty extreme fears of abandonment and abuse, plus intense social anxiety and self-esteem issues that made it difficult for me to fully enjoy the last festival we went to together.

Here's where it gets a bit weird though - the dream festival was NOT the festival we are actually going to/have been to together before. It was much more like a festival I went to with two ex-boyfriends (separately, while we were together). And here's where it gets really weird - after he abandoned me in the dream, I had sex with a friend who I haven't seen since 2010. When we knew each other irl there were many, MANY rumours that we were sleeping together (student halls rumour mill gone wild) but we never actually did anything and never would have because he had a girlfriend and I had a boyfriend. I have no idea why my brain chose him for dream sex.

I've never had a sex dream about this friend, and I've never had a sex dream in the time I've been with my boyfriend. I woke up feeling totally fucked up and emotionally devastated on both counts (boyfriend "abandoning", me "cheating") but apparently he didn't get any sleep at all because I spread myself out like a starfish and laughed hysterically when he asked me to move (????????)

I woke up crying two nights before I had this weird sex dream/nightmare hybrid. I'm on antidepressants which have always been amazing at suppressing nightmares (and all dreams) but maybe they're not working so well anymore? I'm having my first period in about six months or so, but I doubt it's that because I'm on two forms of birth control, so my "periods" are actually just withdrawal bleeds anyway. I haven't woken up crying in years and my nightmares have been really under control so this is really disturbing to me, but my boyfriend doesn't take dreams seriously so I can't talk to him about it (and I definitely can't tell him I had dream sex with a friend!).


Anyone have any advice on processing dreams and nightmares? Anyone ever had a dream that fucked them up for the day?