On Friday I had a meeting with a career counselor at my alma mater. It did not go well. It was clear she hadn’t read the email I sent her before our meeting, and hadn’t looked over my resume or LinkedIn profile (both of which she asked me to send her ahead of time) before we met. Everything she said to me was completely generic advice that I’ve seen a thousand times in articles about how to conduct a successful job search.

I was telling my mother about the meeting, which started her down her own bad advice path. She doesn’t understand why I can’t get a teaching job, or a hospital administrative job somewhere. I’ve applied for jobs outside my field, and I don’t get called in for interviews. I don’t have the education or experience they’re looking for. But my mother seems to think I’m stubbornly clinging to the hope of getting a dream job, and keeps telling me to be open to different career paths. ALL I do is come up with jobs and fields that my background might be applicable for, even when it has nothing to do with what I went to school for.

The she started saying that I should never have gone to grad school, or never gone to grad school abroad, and that the therapist I was seeing when I decided to go was irresponsible for encouraging me to make that choice. I already feel terrible about my decisions and the money I spent on an education that has gotten me nowhere, and it just made me feel like she thinks of me as a giant waste of money. And then she started saying she wishes she’d sent me to live in the Dominican Republic with my sister because for some reason she thinks that would have improved my chances of getting a job. Like, HOW would sending me to a place I don’t want to live, where I have a very limited grasp of the language have helped me at all? And then she decided I should go back to school and get another degree in a totally different area. Great, so we can have this same conversation again in another two years and a few thousand dollars more in debt?


I was still angry yesterday, so I ignored her calls. Last night I get a phone call from her cousin. Apparently my mother called him hoping he would talk to me about job hunting. He’s in the financial industry (something I have less than no aptitude for) and hasn’t had to look for a job in 30 years. And in fact I already spoke with him a couple of months ago because I was thinking about doing a TESOL certification and my mother thought he might be able to help me suss out a reputable company to work with. He ignored my questions about that entirely, told me that wanting to travel is immature, and that if I can’t get a job by applying online I should call HR managers on the phone or try to schedule in person meetings with them. It was just such out of touch advice for 2015. And now I’m going to lose another hour and a half of my life politely listening to the same bad advice he gave me two months ago.

Anyway, I just need to vent.