You guys! The Name Game thread made me wonder.

What are your favorite names? If you had an entire nursery full of babies and you got to pick all their names, what would you name them? And why?

I have a list of names that I might give to an imaginary future child, a list of names I wouldn't give to my own child (for cultural reasons) but I love, and a list of names for future cats. Even though I don't like reinforcing the gender binary by dividing names into boy and girl, I also don't like gender neutral names because I have one and I hate being called Mr., so I have a lot of cognitive dissonance. So here they are:


For my imaginary son(s): Michael, Benjamin, Solomon, Ezra, Ezekiel, Aaron, Avi

For my imaginary daughter(s): Shulamit, Esther, Shira, Salomé, Yocheved, Inez, Gloria


Names I like (for some reason these are all girls' names): Anouk, Alais, Dorothéa, Madeleine, Molly, Matilda, Béatrix (Updated with a boy name! Theodore.)

Names for cats! Also girls' names. May also ultimately be names for dogs: Rose, Jolene, Esmeralda, Matilda, Béatrix, Consuelo, Tzipi