I have seen this more then once. Yesterday was most recent. A car was parked in a handicapped spot with a placard. NOTHING wrong with this. Side window was a "Don't tread on me" sticker. The one tea party folks love with the snake. This makes me ragey.

Placards don't come from placard fairies.

Many of these folks are probably on or will be on medicare. Their medicare costs will be more then a healthy person on medicare.


The spots to park is linked pretty much with the ADA a law passed by Congress along with state and local laws mandating handicapped spots. I often have to use these spots and I am very, very grateful for President George H Bush signing ADA into law, this was the one good thing he did.

To me this reeks of ingratitude. People with health problems should be grateful for a government that DOES help with handicaps and health problems. No its by far not perfect but having that placard means you are under doctors care so most likely have insurance and probably medicare or medicaid.

Should I not feel ragey?