First off, I can't stand Stephen Moffat's writing. So much so, that I think we probably would not get along in real life. Ever since I read this recap/review from The Mary Sue on his inability to write a different antagonistic woman, it's all I can see. But other aspects of the recent episodes are bothering me now, too. Shall we discuss? (spoilers)

I don't think I like Danny. When they killed him off this week, I was like,




and then of course it turned out they didn't really, and I was all, "uuuuuuughhhhhhh!"

That was when I knew I definitely disliked the guy. Clara is in love with him, and we're supposed to be sympathetic toward him, and care, and not want him dead. I can't feel any of those things for a man who sets ultimatums for his girlfriend. Are we supposed to forget that he forbade her from seeing her friend (the Doctor)? That's the instance that stands out strongest in my mind, but I know there were others. Danny is gross. Am I wrong? is there something there to root for that isn't misogynistic and awful? Because that's all I remember. I want him dead in the series so that Clara can move on to someone who's actually well-suited for her.

I also still don't understand what happened when she jumped into the Doctor's timeline—she got split? so this is just a fractured piece of her? It's still unclear, which is due to shit writing, I say. Is she only in his past? If you understand what happened, please explain it to me.

I also can't stand Moffat's inability to make a decision, and bringing Danny back from death is just another on that list. "We'll kill him, but then we won't!" Setting up loopholes for himself to negate his own (and others') work is infuriating and rude.

But! I loooooove Capaldi's Doctor. Crotchety and concerned, and I love it so much. He's a grump, but one you'd want to hang around with. It's a great performance.

and okay fiiiiine if this mummy callback was Moffat's, it's one thing of his I like. Because that's hilarious. It's an inside joke with himself, at this point. And us, of course.

Still can't stand Danny, though.