And so begins the awesome sauce oversharing of Pele. So I was talking to The Consort about what I should make my first post about, and he was all “Me!”

So precious. Anyhoo now that I am officially lower middle class/working class (what are nurses? either way fuck ya!) it occurs to me I should move the fuck out of my parents house. I have the awesome privilege of being able to save up for my new home, so ask you groupthink what does shit cost?


I basically have a bed, a desk, and bookshelves. How much should I save up to fill my new apt with shit? I’ve never rented an apartment on my lonesome before, is there anything more I need than having first and last? Any pitfalls I should look out for? It’s literally just me, I don’t even have a plant. Should I get a plant? Eventually I think I want a dog, but damn that’s a big commitment. Help me adult without totally fucking up, please thank you.