Thank you for all the advice on plants and flowers for my balcony! I gave up on the idea of figuring it out myself and buying online and I went to a big garden center that I’d driven by 100 times but never noticed (actually I thought it was a park, I think). At first the ladies seemed annoyed that I knew absolutely nothing about plants and wanted help picking them out but the one of them got excited (I think it was when she figured out I wasn’t looking to spend $10 and I actually wanted something nice) and helped me pick out a bunch of flowers to put in a nice big pot together. I didn’t know you could put different things in the same pot! I have a whole garden in a pot now on my balcony!

I love them! There are zinnias, petunias, vinca vine, sanvitalia, coleus, and I think the purple one is called salvia but it reminded me of the columbines from where I grew up. And it’s all pink and yellow and green which are my favoritest colors! I actually cleaned my balcony door and opened the blinds so I can look at them when I’m sitting inside. So exciting! I even sat on my balcony last night.


And the best part is, they potted it for me but she taught me how to do it myself for next year.

These are annuals so they’ll die when it gets cold, but if this goes well for the summer, I think in the fall I’ll get some of the planters that hang on the edge of the balcony and put some plants in them. I think I might be a garden person now.