The other laundry thread made me think of this. What’s the weirdest thing that ever happened to you whilst doing laundry?


Last year I was doing laundry in our building basement. When the wash finished, I pulled out all of the delicates, which were in lingerie bags, and took them upstairs to hang dry while everything else went in the dryer. As I was hanging my delicates, I realized I was missing the lingerie bag with all my bras in it. I freaked a little at the thought of $300 worth of bras in a hot dryer, and ran downstairs and went through the dryer meticulously. They weren’t there. So I looked in all the washers - no one else was doing wash at the time - and I hadn’t accidentally left them in the washer either. I retraced my steps to make sure I hadn’t dropped them anywhere between the laundry room and my apartment when I went upstairs to hang them. I knew I hadn’t left them in the apartment, because I had sorted laundry and placed the bras in the bag in the laundry room. This was a big lingerie bag with four underwire bras in it, so it wasn’t something I could easily overlook. They were gone. So I basically freaked out and assumed someone had stolen my bras, which is so fucking creepy.

My roommate convinced me to go check one last time, probably about half an hour after I’d finished my laundry and brought my dryer load upstairs. We went down and looked in all the machines, and lo and behold, there was my bag of bras in a washing machine. They were all dry, and they were not in the machine I’d used, plus I’d checked all the machines anyway.


Someone took my bag of bras from the washer presumably before it had a chance to fill completely (since they were dry), did God knows what with them, and then took them back and put them in an empty washer.


Anyone else have similarly weird and creepy stories? Weird non-laundry stories are welcome too.