Help me figure out my coworker. (Not that it really matters, since I technically won’t be there very much longer).

Remember this guy? The one that had me allll up in mah feels for a few weeks? Welp, I am noticing some things about him that vex me utterly. Most specifically, how he likes to ever so publicly and loudly point out people’s flaws (some bullshit about “keeping it 100").

Just as a for instance: today I was talking to my work friend about the new job that may soon be coming my way. We were talking about how long it would take before I could GTF outta there, and he ambles over and says “you never know. You might not pass the background check. They might find something weird that makes them pull the job offer.”


I of course ignore him, and say that I managed to pass for that other job (the one that I didn’t end up staying with, but I didn’t say that out loud).


Motherfucker latches right on to that bit of info and goes “so you ran away from it, just like you’re running away from this one” (complete with smug, knowing grin).


Now, at one point, I actually tried to level with this pendejo, and explain why I look perpetually stressed out/sad, buuut he wasn’t tryin’ to hear it, or didn’t care. The girl I was talking to knows most of the story, and knows not to fucking poke the bear. But this guy, this fucking guy . . .

And now, this is how I feel about men at the moment: