So even though it feels like last night's episode consisted of one five-minute scene from which we'll all be recovering for a very long time, other stuff happened on Game of Thrones last night. And one thing in particular has me wanting to gouge out my own eyes in frustration.

A lot of jokes have been made over the past few seasons of Jorah Mormont being in the "friend zone." I assumed (wrongly, it turns out) that everyone understood Jorah's affections for what they were: creepy and horrible. And that all of the "friend zone" comments were being made in jest, since a 50-something dude wanting to bang the teenage queen he betrayed is kind of the worst.

This is a man who is supposed to be her adviser. Not only did he lust after a child (who was married for at least part of the time he was advising her), but he also spied on her, lied about it and nearly got her killed. Even now, his information has made her takeover of Westeros much more difficult than it would've been otherwise.

Dany confirms that she should have him killed, and instead allows him to live as long as he gets the fuck out of town.

But you know who's the real victim here?


So, to recap: a middle-aged man has inappropriate feelings for an underage girl. He puts her life in danger. He sabotages her plans. But we should pity him because she didn't let him fuck her?