Are you, like me, sitting in the middle of horrible cold drizzle thanks to a hurricane? If so, you probably need ALL THE FUR FACES. I know they helped cheer me up on what is otherwise a despicable day.

You know how it goes: Favorites are chosen by me alone, entirely on my own whim. However, in the interest of GT solidarity, I select one dog picture and one cat picture (minimum!) each week. Other pets will also of course be considered. I love all your rats, bunnies, ferrets and other furry pals. I WILL NEVER DISCRIMINATE AGAINST CUTE. As always, I am happy to dismiss any pictures if you decide you want them taken down at some point.

If you don’t have a pet of your own to feature this week, I highly recommend featuring and linking to any cuties who are available for adoption and looking for a home on any shelter or rescue site. I know I’m not the only one lurking Petfinder!

Anyway, on to the winners!

I know EverythingisShiny’s Noodle has won before, but c’mon. Look at that face!!!

Contrast with His Eminence’s Resting Bitch Face (thanks, AmiableSlut!)...

Lovepowertools’ The Hound, another epic facial close-up:

AreaWoman shared TRUMPKIN:

GeorgiaBlythe’s sweet girls:

And here is the “Headlock of Love,” brought to us by OneWayMonkey’s cat:

LuckyFrog and pup had a visitor this week!

Finally, DazedConfuzed shared some beautiful deer!

You guys are legit making these choices agonizing, but that’s not going to stop us from demanding MOAR FUR FACES! Show me what you got, GT!