With the busy Holiday Season upon us, our beloved Snout~Selector Specialists Sorcia MacNasty & Edie Beale’s Costume have accepted my application for part~time Fur Face Friday help. *

It will be hard, they said. Toxic levels of cute, they said. So many noses to boop, they said. THEY WERE NOT KIDDING!

While we’re on the Fur Face Holiday topic, accordingto made an excellent post about donating to & volunteering for your local shelter around the giving season, which is good information all year long.

You know how it goes: Favorites are chosen by me alone, entirely on my own whim. However, in the interest of GT solidarity, I select one dog picture and one cat picture (minimum!) each week. Other pets will also of course be considered. I love all your rats, bunnies, ferrets and other furry pals. I WILL NEVER DISCRIMINATE AGAINST CUTE. As always, I am happy to dismiss any pictures if you decide you want them taken down at some point.

If you don’t have a pet of your own to feature this week, I highly recommend featuring and linking to any cuties who are available for adoption and looking for a home on any shelter or rescue site. I know I’m not the only one lurking Petfinder!

In that sharing spirit, if you don’t have a pet but want to participate, drop off your best Internet find of an animal gif or meme in the comments. The more animal lovers, the merrier.


Onward to the funny business. Because there are no rules (yet!) about employees & their families being ineligible to enter & win contests, I present shameless nepotism right here:

My Walligator taking an illegal bed wrecking nap.

Dr. Sattler’s Liz having psychedelic dreams.

Marrisa’s Yonny after what appears to be a bout of day~nipping. That smiley machine behind her was involved somehow.

i am calm, but thanks’ fur face, exhausted after all that tricky~treating.

BeakerC’s new litter of Holland Lop Bunny Hops!!

KingKazul’s Cute Boy at the dog~park dance with his girlfriend Lola.

Greyhuahua’s Mini; She is puppy, hear her SNOAR!

ScarlettODahling’s hiding fail, with judgmental sibling judging.

Yamahog’s Annabelle; tiny nose~boop!

My first day on the job was tough, as you will see when you visit last weeks Fur Faces. So much smoosh & floof.

Okay; ready, set, SHOW US YOUR FUR FACES!!

* My name tag arrived just in time. Yes, that is Mr. Fusspot, my spirit guide.