It is a freakishly feverish Fur Face Friday here in the near north, neighbours, and everywhere else in this hot hemisphere! For tips on how to beat the heat I would direct you to Edie’s very useful FFF from last week. This week, we’ll just have to carry on carrying on, with no holiday excuses.

Favorites are chosen by one of the Snout Selectors (Sorcia, EdieBealesCostume, KrabbyPaddy, mrsfinch), entirely on our own whimsy. WHIMSY. However, in the interest of GT solidarity, we try to select one dog picture and one cat picture (minimum!) each week. Other pets will also, of course, be considered. We love all your rats, bunnies, ferrets and other furry pals. WE WILL NEVER DISCRIMINATE AGAINST CUTE. As always, we’re happy to dismiss any pictures if you decide you want them taken down at some point.

If you don’t have a pet of your own to feature this week, I highly recommend featuring and linking to any cuties who are available for adoption and looking for a home on any shelter or rescue site. I know I’m not the only one lurking on Petfinder!


In that sharing spirit, if you don’t have a pet but want to participate, drop off your best Internet find of an animal gif or meme in the comments. The more animal lovers, the merrier.

So let’s get down to the study of last week’s sun-and-shade worshippers:

The FluterPup got her summer shave. She’s gonna need sunscreen on the inside of those ears!

Lexador’s pup did an excellent job keeping the beach living room floor free from sharks.

Despite the heat, things were kept quite Toasty at the House of Hatrack.

CindyLouCthulhu’s cats are proud to show their Pride:

Marissa’s kitty, unlike the rest of us, is on top of the household drudgery.

Special gentle hugs go out to Buster, who had a bad week.

YetAnotherRachel gave us this adorable Eponine of the streets:

Speaking of opera, TheOperaGhost gave us this yoga-ing squirrel:

Because I LOLd endlessly at this pic, I give you “SOON”, courtesy of zap rowsdower:

And our sympathies go out to Kirov, who lost her Nikita this week.

Now, let us see your furry/feathery/finny Faces! All have won, and all shall have prizes!