Doubling down edition!

On Inauguration Day, I couldn’t find the will to pick winners, so I am pulling winners from Edie’s edition of January 13th & mine from last week, as promised.

This was VERY challenging & I hope to never have to do it again! The “Scroll of Fur” will be a bit longer than usual....

In case you’re new (in which case, welcome!): Favorites are chosen by one of the Snout Selectors (Sorcia, Edie Beale’s Pantsuit, KrabbyPaddy, mrsfinch), entirely on our own whimsy. WHIMSY. However, in the interest of solidarity, we try to select one dog picture and one cat picture (minimum!) each week. Other pets will also, of course, be considered. We love all your rats, bunnies, ferrets and other furry, feathery & finny pals. WE WILL NEVER DISCRIMINATE AGAINST CUTE. As always, we’re happy to dismiss any pictures if you decide you want them taken down at some point.


If you don’t have a pet of your own to feature this week, I highly recommend featuring and linking to any cuties who are available for adoption and looking for a home on any shelter or rescue site. I know I’m not the only one lurking on Petfinder!

In that sharing spirit, if you don’t have a pet but want to participate, drop off your best Internet find of an animal gif or meme in the comments. The more animal lovers, the merrier. Speaking of sharing, feel free to share these posts anywhere in the Kinja-verse, because it has been scientifically documented that looking at pictures of cute animals reduces stress.

I could make a million themes from the shit~show that was this first week living in #AlternateFactsLand, but I won’t. Let’s all just enjoy the FLOOF & distribute virtual nose~boops.

Stocking up for a bitch shortage’s Evil (not evil) Kitty

interruptingcat’s River is missing a fang, but not a chance for a head scratch

Subriel’s Milton doing what he does best

Mimi Krimi’s Alice is planning her winter vacation

Periwinkle’s friend (not so) Smalls, the Portuguese Snow Dog

Nymeria’s cats enjoying their new “Poop House”

The late, great Mr. Fusspot, mrsfinch’s legend, stopped by for a visit

teamPenguin’s lovely old soul, Sheba

mooncalf’s pretty baby

Vivlock’s new Rat Sisters!

Opera Ghost’s Lexa belly!

k2b’s Lal, doing what Lals do

There are still 8 or so finalists in my winners folder; I wish I could post them all. I encourage you to re~submit to our whimsy! Show us your Fur Faces!