So as I’ve told you ad nauseum, I recently acquired some flowers and plants to live in a large pot on my balcony. They are sadly not doing so well.

We had two days of huge storms here, and I thought I had the plants fairly protected, but they got very wet. My petunias and sanvitalia were basically decimated. There was one petunia flower left, but it looks dead now. And last week we didn’t have nearly as much sun as usual, and as a result, the whole pot looks pretty sad right now.


I did move them up to the table today so they’ll get even more sunlight. They’ll be getting direct light for 8-10 hours a day now. (All of the plants are full sun.) It’s possible they weren’t getting enough direct light where they were on the ground. The soil feels dry on top, but it’s moist below when I poke my finger into it. And I have the plant nanny thing now. I think they’re getting enough water? Or do I need more than one plant nanny in an 18" pot?

Any advice? Also, all my plants are annuals, so (not to be too morbid) but when should I expect them to just die on their own? And any recommendations what to plant once they do? I’m in DC so warm autumns, cold winters.

I don’t know why some of these are sideways. Oh well.