Studio L and I have been putting our heads together over the weekend to get this all set up using everyone's comments and suggestions and... here it is! The highly anticipated, official-ish Groupthink Gift Swap (Disclaimer: we don't want to break any rules with the use of the word "official")! We hope you're super excited! Check out the details and sign up into below!

This marks the beginning of the very first Groupthink Gift Swap! This post will give you all the information you need to get involved, just follow the steps below!


What is this "Gift Swap" all about?
It is a gift swapping group for us at Groupthink! Each round of gift swapping will have you matched up with a partner who selected a similar price range, and the two of you will exchange gifts with each other through the mail! Exciting, right!? If you don't just LOVE getting a fun mystery package in the mail, well, you lie.

How do I sign up?!
If you are interested in participating, please email with the following information before Friday August 23rd, 2013 @ 12pm EST:
* Note: Please put "GT GIFT SWAP SIGN UP" in the subject line *


1) Mailing Address of course!
Please be sure to include Groupthink handle/name and your FULL address; name, street and/or unit #, city, state/province, country, postal/zip code, and any other specific information required to deliver mail to your address.

2) A Wish List!
Make a list of a items you would like to receive, either general (nail stuff, clothes) or more specific (nail art pen, blue dress). Feel free to list as much as you'd like; the more ideas you include, the easier it will be for your swap partner (understand that you might not get everything on your want list, so don't be mad if you get something equally amazing that wasn't on your list). Or if you're open to receiving anything at all, indicate that too! Try to ensure you list a few general ideas, as certain items may not be available in certain areas. Plus, it ruins the surprise if you know exactly what you're getting!! If you're including size specific items on your list (shoes, clothes), please be sure to include your size for your swap partner.

** Some mentioned you have specific items that you would like to give, such as scifi books, or cross stitch, etc. If you do have specific things you'd like to swap, add an 'I Want To Give' list that includes those items.

3) Price Tiers
There are two tiers to choose from. Choosing a price tier helps make finding your swap partner much easier! Tier One is for any item(s) within the price range of $10-$20. Tier Two is for any item(s) within the price range of $20-$40. Value your handmade items however you would generally sell them. Choose whichever tier you are most comfortable with. Things you swap can be big or small, and single or multiple items. Price tiers are only meant to include the gift. Shipping charges will vary depending on where you ship, how much you send, etc., so do not include this in your tier request.
**You can change this option from swap to swap if you would like, just let us know next time there is a swap posting asking you to email in.

4) Swap Preferences & Information
This bit of information is intended to help your swap partner get an even better idea of what (and what not!) to send you. Please indicate if any of the following apply to your preferences.
[ ] NO Clothes
[ ] Used Clothing OK
{If yes, please include general size info}
[ ] New Clothing Only
[ ] Handmade
[ ] I have ALLERGIES/Important Info
{Let us know if there is anything that
should NOT be sent to you. Allergies?}
[ ] Other
{If there's other stuff please elaborate}

5) Shipping
Please select all destinations you are willing to ship to.
[ ] United States
[ ] Canada
[ ] Who Cares? I'll ship anywhere!
[ ] Overseas (Europe, Asia, etc.)

6) Contact with Swap Partner
Is it OK for your swap partner to contact you if they have any questions or concerns? Would you prefer to chat with your swap partner beforehand about different items and ideas? If so, indicate it is okay to do so and leave an email address where it's okay contact you. Who knows, you could meet your new best friend!

7) Rules & Privacy Information
** Currently the Groupthink Gift Swap is only open to Groupthink members who are not 'grey'. ** This is the very first round of swapping, so please be patient! If you are currently grey, keep posting! Before you know it you'll be 'ungreyed' and able to participate. This also helps weed out trolls who might try to take advantage of this. We respect that many of you, myself included, do not associate your real name with your Groupthink accounts, and would prefer to keep it that way. If you do NOT want your swap partner to know your Groupthink name, please indicate this in your email. If you don't care, it might be another way for your partner to find out some things you like by going through some of your previous posts/comments, but it is entirely up to you! When sending in your personal information, the only people privy to and able to access this information are StudioL and MaryTylerGore. Other than sending your mailing information to your swap partner for shipping, all of your information is kept private.


Now we hope this part is going to be completely unnecessary, because you all are such lovely folks, but we have to state it just in case we encounter some trolls. Once you receive an email telling you that you have been matched up with a swap partner, you are expected to participate and send a return item. IF we ever encounter someone who is taking advantage of this system of swapping (accepting swap items, but sending anything in return), we will keep a black list of anyone who abuses the system, and they will not be allowed to participate in future swaps.

We will do our best to ensure that everyone is matched with a partner. But you all are wonderful, so I'm sure if we happen to end up with uneven numbers to partner, or something else, we can work out a "three-way" swap (kinky!) or whatever need be.

**The Next Steps **
Once we've received everyone's information by the deadline of Friday August 23rd, 2013, you will receive an email back with a unique confirmation number. This number allows us to verify who everyone is, and to make sure no one is screwing around. Keep this number! You will need to post it on groupthink to confirm your identity for us! This is just another safeguard against trolls before any info is sent out. There will be a separate post on Groupthink where you will be expected to post the unique confirmation # you received from your Groupthink account. You must be verified in order to be matched with a swap partner and participate.

Then we will be taking a few days to sift through all the information, and make up your matches! Once everyone has a swap partner, we will send out another round of emails which will let you know who your swap partner is, and a wish list of items they would like. If your partner doesn't mind giving out their Groupthink name, feel free to do some good old Groupthink stalking to find out a little more about your swap partner, and help you make your gifts to them even more personal and quirky!


Here is a quick rundown of the timeline and deadlines for Round 1 of the Groupthink Gift Swap!
Friday August 23rd: Sign up Deadline
Wednesday August 28th: Verification Deadline
Sunday September 1st: Find out your swap partner!
Monday September 9th: Shipping Deadline

That's about it! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to include them, or send a separate email to with 'Swap Question!' in the subject line.

Happy shopping and swapping!