*Covers Bingo's ears and hums lalalalala loudly for the following introduction*

Daily Dump, Roll-Call of Reckoning…Call it what you will...

Back due to popular demand ABSOLUTE NECESSITY, behold a lovely listicle of the past day's links. Get ready to scroll, people! There will be rest stops along the way ;)

I missed the New Wave Dance Party last week at certain other Kinja forum and I still haven't recovered.

:::record scratch::: Kinja won't let me upload gifs. You don't understand: I have squid dancing Byrne gifs here! KIIINNJAAAAAA!

Musical Interlude:

Which reminds me, can we talk about how awesome Tina Weymouth is?

Thanks for playing along! Pardon the Kinja hiccups. Have a video from Stop Making Sense:

P.S. Don't ask me how Kinja decides which little pics from the URL list to display. Or why they appear where they do. 'Tis a mystery.

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