Tell me your ghost stories.

Of course i'm too scared to read them while i'm home alone but i promise i'll read them when filthy suhhh guy gets home in an hour! (i was so scared looking for a ghost gif, there are some very creepy gifs out there)

So do you believe in ghosts? I do, here's why-

Let me start with the fact that i never used to even entertain the idea that ghosts/spirits/whatever existed. I was so sure that it wasn't real and that people make stuff up. Until one day i had to go to a house for my job, i swear if you went there you would understand. You get a bad feeling just pulling into the driveway of this house and it is a completely normal looking 2 story. Many of my coworkers had told me stories about the house and i just laughed thinking it was a joke. The occupant is an older woman with severe Alzheimers and her older husband that is sometimes not home. I love the lady, she is one of my favorite customers but i DREAD going to her house. And the weird thing is that its only the second floor that is terrifying. I get to work with another coworker so that we never have to be alone up there, one time a coworker of mine wasn't thinking and went downstairs to get something, i realized she was gone and i had a full on panic attack. She had to get my inhaler as i ran and almost fell down the stairs. We all have seen dark round shadows in corners of the rooms, bodies moving out of the corner of our eyes. The worst thing that ever happened to me was i was looked up quickly at a mirror and saw a small girl sitting in a chair behind me, yeah... she wasn't there when i turned around and stood in shock, i couldn't move or talk for at least a solid minute. When we go there now i vehemently avoid looking at the mirrors. This house changed my opinion on ghosts and now im 99% sure they're real unless my coworkers and I somehow hallucinate every time we're on the 2nd floor.