Hey Y'all!
What are you excited for on this fine Thursday on the eve of a long weekend?
Oh, you want to know what I am excited about since I haven't talked about it enough?


My mom, who I haven't seen since August of last year has scraped the funds together to visit me for the weekend. We live on opposite sides of the country (pretty much continent) but we talk all the time.
But talking isn't chilling out with a bottle of wine! WHICH I GET TO DO TONIGHT! I still have to work the whole day, which kind of sucks. But don't cuuuurrrr!

In other exciting news Saturday is our first Vancouver GT meet-up (That I know about.) We're going to drink some beers and maybe have a brief sighting of the Applet!

So what's going on this weekend that you're excited about?
I'll take faux excitement too. All types of excitement welcome!