Add ones you’ve seen and liked! Everybody seems to be talking about attacks on the press, and Betsy DeVos is sad people don’t like her. Hashtags for the day #tinyTrump and #WorldPangolinDay. Because there are cool things out there, and we need to appreciate and preserve cool things.

In other cool things today:

A very good question, but I’m guessing people getting hit by it think it’s appropriate:

In not cool things:

. . . Or, indeed, the street outside a pub in Dublin 200+ years later:

This letter reminds of the day-to-day grind which can have an effect centuries later:

More art... perhaps not as lasting:

Fuck Bill Maher.

More cool things:


Aw, poor baby isn’t happy with the way his “survey” results are turning out!

This entire thread:


It’s not just meta-leak, we’re reaching leak Inception: