Add your own! As you do. In today’s embarrassing attempts at diplomacy, Pence says “Top of the morning” and Donny Boy quotes an “Irish proverb” to the Taoiseach Enda Kenny that is actually a bit of a poem by a Nigerian poet. He duz joggrafy almost as gud as he duz reedin! I guess Sesame Street didn’t do him any good, unlike the millions of kids he wants to deprive. That’s okay, Enda accidentally called him “President Bush”. But that’s nothing compared to the insult of that pour.

I have to say, I like this picture glossing, and we now have a visual definition of what an “asshat” actually looks like:

I get the feeling Enda is shading both the UK and the US a bit here . . . subtext, the likely effects of Brexit on the only land border the UK has, and Trump’s “wall”:


This entire thread of replies:



I think this is why I’ve never been comfortable with the term “ex-pat”: