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I got my hair cut this afternoon. Unfortunately, while I had the nice pictures for guides and cool advice from GT, my phone fritzed just as I was trying to show the hairdresser what I wanted. The haircut I ended up with from trying to describe what I wanted looks good on me and is quite close to what I failed to properly describe but is a bit more Rachel Maddow than pixie. But, it looks good so I’m not complaining.

In other news, it looks like Flynn decided the FBI was a more dangerous enemy than the President, and I just had a hangry blow-up at mr. lurker because of a hamper of chocolates. (I feel guilty for yelling, but I do not feel guilty for suspecting his mother of malicious intentions because she is an IRL troll who brags about her malicious intentions regarding other people. And mr. lurker sending a simple text message or two would have avoided both the hangry and the hours of confusion over a large hamper of chocolates that I hate that appeared with no context.)


Hashtag for the day courtesy of US Women’s Hockey and the fight for wage equality: #BeBoldForChange