Bit of background for #LuasHenge: It’s a city planning gripe. For the past way-too-long, the city centre has been a construction zone for the bit of Luas (light rail) line that will connect the two rail lines that were, shortly before the recession, brilliantly planned so that to get from one line to the other was 10 minute walk across the Liffey. Part of the new plan is to make College Green, the area here just outside of Trinity College pedestrianized, with a 10 million euro renovation and beautification plan, new pavement, new trees, public space, etc. So, people were not happy to find that five ugly electric boxes had sprung up haphazardly in to-be-beautified area, with no planning. The contractors for the Luas works insist they’re necessary, can’t be underground, and can’t be elsewhere. So, everyone’s joking they look like a crappy mstonehenge.

“Whoever did this” has been confirmed to be @Shanola22, who absolutely deserves credit for being amazing.