I think the internet must have broken because I keep getting ridiculous, annoying questions from friends about my wedding and bachelorette party. I put together a wedding website & the URL was on one of the pieces of the invitation suite. The website has all the details about how to book the hotel, including a note that our hotel room block rate is likely the cheapest people will find in the city because there are several conventions that weekend, including one of the biggest conventions that happens in the entire country. The wedding website also contains the location of the reception & descriptions of the meal options. It is pretty fucking detailed. It even tells you where to get coffee near the hotel!

You would not believe how many fucking emails and texts I get during my work day asking, "Do you think we can find a cheaper hotel?" and "Describe the fish and chicken options for me." ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING. I spent 20+ hours trying to get a centrally-located, cheap hotel room block. The rate I got was the cheapest I could get. People are sending me this after having checked Hotwire themselves and learning that it is, in fact, the cheapest they can get. So, what they're really asking me is to find them a hotel, after I have already found them a hotel. I can't even comment on their asking me about the food. JUST USE UR GOOGLE MACHINES, GUYS.

And for my bachelorette party - I wish I never invited my fiance's family members. I invited his sisters and cousins to be nice, thinking they wouldn't come because of money and pregnancies. But they're all coming, and his pregnant sister is being such a control freak. I ultimately decided just to do the original restaurant I chose because I had already worked out a special menu to accommodate his sister's very restrictive (self-imposed) diet. I have talked about the weekend with her about 3 times on the phone and told her my sister is putting together mocktail options for her the night we have a bartender come to my condo, since she's pregnant, and also that we're doing a restaurant where the menu can be made vegan. She asked my sister for a copy of the menu, which my sister provided, and it's clear that it's vegan. My sister also gave her the restaurant's website, so she could go look at their drinks list. She keeps emailing my sister asking if this wine bar has non-alcoholic options. JUST USE THE INTERNET, GODDAMN. The website, which she already has, talks about their fancy organic booze-free drinks.


She also called the restaurant and demanded to speak to the chef to get assurances that the food will be vegan. After my telling her many times it would and my sister giving her a copy of the custom menu.



TL:DR - the google machine must be broken, because people are asking stupid questions.