I have worked a lot of different jobs in my life - for about 3 years, I worked on minor carpentry jobs so I became familiar with hardware stores and lumber yards; when it came time for me to set up my home carbonation system, I went to hardware stores; when I set up my hot glass bench, I went to welding supplies and hardware. That is what I knew. Today, I went to a hardware store to reconfigure my different gas lines - he sent me to a plumbing supply place.

Gobsmacked! All the problems I had with the different gas supply lines would have been reduced to zero if I had realized they were plumbing problems not hardware problems. I was able to resolve the issues that needed immediate resolution and some old issues like gas-line leak can be fixed because now my universe has been expanded just a little (I wonder what other blinders I have on??).

Oh, and they have a singing shower head - the center of the shower head is a blue-tooth speaker; I want that so much. But I am only in the shower for 5 minutes or less so probably not worth $150.00, sigh.