He gets a birthday pie instead of a birthday cake. I'm not sure why but I think it's because of this:


I had hoped to post this at midnight my time, but then I got busy with class stuff and wasn't able to. And then I wanted to see if I could find the first conversation that he and I had, so I started googling a variety of terms, but I couldn't locate it. However, I can tell you all that it was near the end of June. It started with him saying he used to be an MRA (insert booing gif here—I can't recall what it was exactly) and that then he found feminism (insert Travis Bickle applauding gif). I responded with a bunch of gifs saying, in various ways, "I like you," and ending with one reading, "Wanna make out?" Then I typed, "Too forward?" He replied with some kissing gifs and said, "Not forward enough."


And the rest is history: we've been terrorizing Groupthink with our gif love ever since. Also, sometimes Whiskey. (Note: Those last two links, while not featuring any actual pornography, are definitely in the NSFW vein.)

So you KNOW that when it comes to acknowledging my favorite Groupthink fella's birthday, IT'S TIME FOR A GIF PARTAAAAY!


Feel free to express your McUncool celebratory emotions in gifs below! You can even gif flirt with him if that's your thing—I ain't jelly. We've already decided that we'll make out with any GT-ers who come to our wedding, after all. ;) (Note: EXPECT WEDDING PIE.)

It's only appropriate that I start us off with a PINKIE PIE CELEBRATION:

And a final message from Professor Pink, cleverly disguised as RDJ:

Xoxo <3