So I’ve been seeing this ad following me around the internet, including here on kinja. I think it’s funny since I haven’t looked for swimwear in a few years. But this orange & teal polka dot tankini has worn me down and I do think it’s kinda cute. It’s from a vendor I’ve never heard of before, though. Has anyone shopped here? Are they trustworthy? Are the suits nice?

The site has a pretty big selection of suits. Mostly tankinis and one-pieces that look very dress-like. I actually kinda like that. It’s different than the normal bikini/one piece that is absolutely skin tight.


They do have a couple of pieces that are more traditional bikini or one-piece styles, though.

Here’s a one-piece:

Here’s a bikini:

Some of them are very sporty, like you could play volleyball or run around on the beach all day and not worry:

Some of them look like figure skating outfits:

I kinda like this one for no reason. (Ok, I’ll admit it, I like it because it’d be a good tummy cover):

Anyway... so has anyone shopped here before? The sale on that tankini at the top expires in less than an hour. Should I buy?