A few times a week, we'll be sharing a review of our posts from backtalk to other communities. We welcome anyone to come and have fun with us! Please read our handy backtalk mod guide for more information about who we are and where we are going.

So, what excellent things do we have this week? We are celebrating the summer with summer memories and summertime throughout the decades. Come by and post your pictures!

I hatepickingnames asks all of you, what was your first personal cause? Maybe "Save the Whales?" Well, you are no Spring Chicken.

Two of our posters discussed discovering things in new ways. EastMeetsWest had a revelation about Bach and wondered if there are moments where we looked at favorite things in new ways. Afromeatballs's mind has been blown away when she has discovered that certain actors have played two wildly different and yet often iconic characters.

Djandi is rightfully frustrated by anti-vaxxers and Owlislost shows us the story behind some delightfully bawdy tweets.

We have more of our World Cup Coverage! Or World Butt Coverage, I suppose! And Croguesberg plays more of our favorite game, MASH!

Wyoming Hippie has been class jamming and recently launched the Millennial Marriage project— a place to discuss whatever you want about Millennials and Marriage.

We're also showing Midnight Movies. Put that popcorn to good use. Come by and discuss! Also, though a share, something to think about using during the GT Interviews because there is nothing more fascinating than archetypes and preconceived notions about fellow posters.

Oh and today, Gerdie Sings the Blues has decided to implement a new feature called "Riddle of the Week." Some juicy brain candy for you all! Oh and Titties—it's a video. Watch it.

Finally, we've been enjoying some beautiful photography, with Intherains discussing her love of Rosalind Simon, who has "captured images of sweet vulnerable humanity" and Owl showing us scenes to sooth our weary soul and Bad Fleffers with some Cloud Musings.

Ok, take us out? Shugo Tokumaru! And Clio's inaugural self-created VINE.

(anyone who'd like to be included in a future review, please let us know!)

Oh and PS. Nic Cage. Just Caging.