My fiance and I need to bring chairs with arms on them to our wedding venue for us, since we will be lifted on the chairs during the hora and don't want to fall off. Because we've seen that happen with chairs with no arms, and there's blood involved, and all the moms freak out, so. Anyway, I'm scoping chairs on Furnishly and found 2 sets of similar chairs that don't cost a million dollars. Can you guys help me pick which of the 2 to buy?

Option 1

Help me decorate my wedding?


Option 2

Help me decorate my wedding?

I am not wild about the color of either of them, given that my flowers are more coral than red, but I haven't found any sets of arm chairs on craigslist for under $100 that won't require major work, and I've been looking for a month.

What do you think? Should I just wait? I have almost 2 months.

ETA - I found chairs I like better on craigslist by switching my search terms. No need for orange chairs now. Wooo!