I was dreaming up some awesome and very ambitious Halloween costumes, but it occurred to me that Halloween is coming up fast, and I have a lot of shit going on between now and then... there’s no way I’m going to have time to devote to making something fancy.

So I went rummaged through my closet, and decided that I should use my purple and black tutu and a black lace tank top as the base of my costume. Now the question is, what to do with it? I could get horns and either a high-neck cape or black wings, and be Maleficient. Or I could get a headband with a top hat, or goggles, and maybe a choker and lace gloves, and go for a steampunk look. Or I wear a flower crown, fairy wings, and pin some purple and maroon flowers and maybe go for being a dark fairy? I like all these ideas, but I want it put in minimal effort without it looking like a half-assed costume. Or I could just wear stripey tights and a witch hat and totally go with the “ I am half-assing it” look.

Anyone have any good ideas for my costume, or your own awesome costume ideas?