The one redeeming quality about my former roommate was that he had a bread machine. I made bread in it every week because reasons. It was cheep as fuck and, while not amazing bread, it wasn't any worse than plain store bought bread. I probably could have just taken it cuz he has t used it once in the 2.5 years we were roommates and I fought be remembered it was his, but I'm not an asshole.

Anyway, so I'm looking for some a good beginner level French/sandwich bread recipe. Something I can kneed and bake in the oven that takes just basic ingredients like flour, water, sugar, butter, yeast and such. I'm not looking for anything fancy. Just something I can make to have on hand for whatever I need it for. Also, I've never ventured into the bread world that far, so something that is a good place to start would be nice. Does anybody have any suggestions?